VW Keys

During the re-build of my ’72 crossover van I had to replace several external door handles, needless to say they no longer worked with my original ignition key. After many hours of searching I could find nobody who would re-key the locks for a realistic price. This set me wondering, how many other VW owners must be in the same situation, needing multiple keys just to get into their vehicles?

After extensive research I have now developed a kit which will enable you to re-key any lock on your vehicle to work from your original ignition key.

The most expensive part of re-keying a lock is the time to do it, so by doing the work yourself you can now have your locks working off one key at an affordable price. Anybody with basic mechanical skills will be able to re-key their locks in about 30 minutes using the easy to follow instructions supplied with each kit.

I can supply these kits for all Bay window campers, '68 to '79 and also provide a similar kit for '69 to '79 Beetles.

I also keep a stock of the folowing VW key profiles:

For Type 2

E,Z,D,V,F profile 56-63
T profile 64-66
L profile 67-70
R profile 71-79

For Type 1

SG profile 52-59
SE profile 1960
SC profile 61-66
SU profile 61-66
SV profile 61-66
K profile 67-70
M profile 71-79


The lock kits are made up to individual customer requirements so you can buy one kit for one lock or rebuild all your locks at the same time to work off your ignition key.
You will need to supply either your original key code or a key which fits your ignition switch. I can then supply you with the correct parts to enable you to re-key your lock.

This is a bespoke and flexible service aimed at providing exactly what you require at an affordable and realistic price. DubKeys is based in Manchester, England, but we are always happy to post kits to anywhere in the world.

I would be happy to discuss your personal requirements so please do not hesitate to contact me at: